meeting room

Are you looking for the perfect indoors venue space to host a special event or meeting? We know that as the host, you want to ensure the absolute comfort and satisfaction of your guests. However, one can never be over prepared when it comes to event planning. Unexpected things come up all the time, and it’s so easy to lose control if one is not organized and anticipating potential issues. First and foremost, if you will not be able to physically inspect a meeting room in person, you must ask your venue contact for a diagram. You want to be sure the space will be the best fit for your event. While you are discussing the meeting space with your venue contact, you can start pre-eliminating certain venues by taking the following points into consideration.


Vertical stone columns surely are beautiful and add a touch of sophistication and history. However, the presence of these remarkable structures in hotel meeting rooms will not always be ideal for your event. Make sure to ask for a visual of how the room will accommodate your set up. If you have a screen or dance floor as the central view point, make sure your attendees will have a full open view. Also, watch out for pillars that are centrally located within a meeting room, these are of the utmost concern because they will cause a view obstruction. Think about it, you don’t want to have people jiggling left and right, in an attempt to get the best view. This will frustrate your attendees, and they will lose their focus to the pillars.  Don’t dismiss rooms with pillars completely, as some may not cause obstructions, but remember to be mindful of the impact they can have on your guests, and overall event.


A beautiful meeting room with a scenic view can be an inspiring setting for your guests. However, do keep in mind that the sun could be bothersome. Ask your venue contact if the meeting room has curtains or shades to block out the sun whenever is it necessary. You want to make sure that the meeting room can protect your guests from the sun’s invisible and dangerous rays. Also, it is important to have a blackout shade if you will be projecting visuals.

Room Temperature

The room temperature in any given space can significantly influence the attention span of your attendees. A couple of studies conducted by Cornell University and Berkeley Lab have found a correlation between productivity and room temperature, “two studies…found that performance increased as temperatures increased above 72 °F. In one of these studies the level of thermal comfort was also improved as the temperature increased due to high air speeds and variable clothing levels” (Berkeley Lab). Temperature has a direct influence on the performance, and comfort of people. If you will not be present at the event you are planning, make sure to notify your venue contact that you would like to have the room temperate set at least to 72 degrees. You want to make sure you have the flexibility to adjust the room temperature so that it is not too hot or cold for your attendees. This will ensure your guest will have an enjoyable time, and get the most out of their event, meeting, or training.