Blog 2

  1. Don’t let the rain pour down on your event

One day the weather could be full of sunshine, but you never know exactly what the next day will be like until it is too late. Prepare for the worst, and have a backup plan in case the clouds threaten to pour rain all over your event. Being prepared and having a plan for multiple scenarios will save time, money, and emotions too.

  1. Too much of anything is not always good, including the sun

Believe it or not, even the sunniest of days are not always perfect for events. An extremely warm and sunny day can actually take a tool on your attendees. If you will be hosting a ceremony or a sit down meal outdoors, shading your event could make a difference in the overall experience of your attendees.  Imagine your guests sitting down right underneath the hot sun, sweaty, eyes hurting to look up, and overall wishing for the event to be over. Providing some type of shading will take the attention off of your guests, and place it back on your event.

  1. Beware of the Seagull

If your event is anywhere near the sea, beware. Seagulls will steal your food! Be sure to never leave the buffet table unattended or they will rip through layers of saran wrap, and destroy it all.

  1. Hold on tight or the wind may blow your event away

Finally, prepare for a windy day. Have linen clips handy in case the wind decides to pick up. On your event, the last thing you want to be doing is chasing linen around and picking it off the floor once the wind has had its fun tossing it around. Also, if your food station is located outside, the wind could make it difficult for your food to stay warm, so be sure to place a few chafer wind guards underneath to keep the sternos lit, and the food warm.