Strategic Business Communications would like to award the OOZE Award for August 2014 to Wendy Ovares with Honda FACO Costa Rica. The OOZE Award is our way to show our appreciation for the outstanding customer service and excellent delivery provided by Wendy.

Maintaining a global viewpoint, Honda FACO is dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction. That is how we developed the OOZE Award. We want to express our gratitude to Wendy Ovares with Honda FACO for demonstrating what we at SBC believe to be outstanding, not only in theory but in the practice of our entire team.  

“Wendy Ovares with FACO went above and beyond our normal expectations. Wendy took care of absolutely every detail from beginning to end. When we sent her the requirements list, she turned in most of the items in less than 24 hours, which made our work much easier. Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and prompt response are characteristics that have made Wendy excel at FACO.”

– Jim Hernandez, President at Strategic Business Communications, Inc.

Using the Strategic Business Communications OOZE standard, it is clear that Wendy with Honda FACO exemplifies customer service.

This means she does the best she can for her clients, ALL the time.   At Strategic Business Communications, we measure this type of service through four different angles: Optimizing Every Opportunity with Zealous Enthusiasm:

To OPTIMIZE is to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible… They find ways to benefit their customers and make the most of the trust their clients give them.

Look for the OPPORTUNITY to shine… They use every occasion to the fullest potential and treat it as a situation for attainment of a goal…or prospect for advancement or success.

They were being ZEALOUS,which means they brought drive and ambition to everything they were trying to accomplish. This was exemplified by diligence, devotion, and acting in good character. This is about delivering passion in what they do. Giving more than their best is the only way they are committed to perform.

Using ENTHUSIASM through their work had a huge impact on their client. They showed many various forms of extreme devotion to their own staff and their clients.