“Dear Steve, Thank you very much for all the efforts you and Jim put into the course and I have already put some ideas into practice and they are working. I would like to thank Jim too for the presentation and all the ideas he gave us.”

– Rody R., Sales Manager

“As our Acura Retention workshops come to an end, thank you Olga for making another project go smoothly.  I know that when you are involved, every detail will be well communicated.  Your note below sharing specifics about parking is just one example.I appreciate your good work.”

– Jay C., Facilitator

“One last thing, I wanted to let you know that Claire is doing a fantastic job. The hotels have all been set up just the way they are supposed to, and all the materials have been correct and in sufficient quantities. It certainly takes a load off my mind having the confidence that the “proper” materials will be there when I open the boxes on the morning of the training.”

– Dan G., Facilitator

“Thank you very much for this SUPER VALUABLE information.” – (customer profile survey)

– Jorge C., Guatemala

“Having attended hundreds of corporate training sessions in a variety of disciplines in my professional career this one is in the top 10. The only negative that I have is that 1-1/2-days is not long enough.”

– Stan B., North Miami Beach

“Last year was a very successful year, with challenges, but great! I got a special award from the board of directors of ANSA MERCHANT BANK for the most referrals. The small group included our Chairman, Dr. Sabga, our General Managers and 7 other Sales Reps from our entire Group. Because I sell for the Group, I didn’t top any one company, instead had a nice spread, I did approx 139 Vehicles total for the year. I closed the biggest deal I ever had in my nine year career as a sales person, and I also believe its the largest sale that any one sales rep ever got in the history of Ansa Automotive (49 trucks). I was able to rebuild my customer base at a nice speed after being absent for three years from the industry. Mr. Hernandez, thank you for influencing my Sales Career. Your teaching made a difference. Please stay in touch, as I know 2013 has to get even better!”

– Hema, Trinidad and Tobago  

“Thanks for the hospitality. I enjoyed the class and meeting the SBC team, Jim and Cheryl are incredibly wonderful people. Best wishes for continued success!”

– Roya Saberzadeh

“Thanks Jim!! I want to thank you again and again!! You are a speaker that is hard to be outperformed. I’m not sure what matters the most to me. The tools that you shared with us, which have been really useful and necessary, or the interest you have in each of your students that later become your friends!?

I truly appreciate everything. Thank you so much!!”

– Susana Sarkisian

“Dear Mr. Hernandez, I would like to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me during the Sales Training on the 24th January 2012. That training injected a shot of adrenalin into my sales life. Today, I closed four full price deals. I used the demo as you encouraged and all went extremely well. Thank you. God bless you. I intend to maximise those customers using the 1-3-7 day follow up. Keep in touch. Regards, Hema Ramdeo.”

– Hema R., Trinidad

“Jim, WOW! Your presentation was fantastic. I knew you would connect with our youth and deliver a great learning experience and of course you exceeded my expectations. Enriching the lives of youth by sharing your time and talents was very generous. The other leaders send their heartfelt appreciation. I spoke with many of our youth after your talk and they were inspired.”

– Don, San Diego

“Thanks so much for the warm welcome at your offices for my unscheduled visit yesterday. Clean, neat and orderly…just the way a business should be. Thanks so much for your inspiration. I will be referring you.”

– John P., San Diego

“You have such fine people! This time, it is your accounting staff. They called to make sure that I did not forget to include airfare for the Richmond, VA workshops on my last expense invoice. As I live in Richmond, there was no airfare. However, I very much appreciated the call.”

– Jay Cremins, President- James S Cremins, Inc. 

“Amazing opportunity to learn more about sales with CEO, Jim Hernandez at SBC Inc. I’ve extensively studied sales for twenty years and this was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Highly recommended.”

-Klyn Elsbury, San Diego, California – Landmark Makers

“I consider myself very lucky to have such wonderful people around me. Thank you for my great friend Jaime Jim Hernandez, my mentor, coach and much more for the amazing training at SBC Inc. this week. Everybody can teach how to sell to make money but just you could coach us how to sell helping people from the heart much more valuable. We don’t sell price, we sell value. For more info I highly recommend”

-Danilo Stefanelli, San Diego, California – SolarCity 

“You did such a fabulous job on the site, Jorge! I am so grateful to Jim for assigning you to finish my website, and so appreciative for all the extra work you did and the care and detail you put in to every aspect of the project, resulting in a masterpiece! All those little details that you so patiently and expertly did, really make for a fabulous looking website! One client this morning called and said “The one word that came to my mind when I just looked at your new website was “ELEGANT”!

-Linda Gorin, San Diego, California  – The Best To You

“Sales training days are usually so difficult, but you know how to make it fun and teach something to even the best of us. You are awesome!”

-Jeff Bybee, San Diego, California  – Lloyds Pest Control

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