pexels-photo-113017-largeAre you planning an event overseas? Consider the following tips to make sure your event doesn’t run into any turbulence along the way.

Time Difference:

Make sure you have an efficient way of figuring out what time it is in the event destination. Have a two column spreadsheet readily available by your desk with your local time and oversees time shown side-by-side. This will help you know what time will work best to communicate with your contacts oversees. You want to make sure you are contacting them at appropriate times, and not calling/emailing at 2 in the morning.

Weather Conditions:

Not all people live in sunny San Diego, where the yearly average high temperature is approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to check how the weather is looking for your event dates so that you may anticipate any weather needs, and advise the attendees. Also, make sure to look up travel advisories well before starting the event planning process.


Check to make sure that all attendees do not have any language translation needs. Have a little brochure on commonly used phrases handy.

When shipping internationally, use a customer’s broker whenever possible.

Voltage Difference: Electric systems can differ from country to country. European appliances are 220 volts whereas American appliances are 110 volts. When traveling internationally, bring all needed adapters for technical equipment.

Go Above and Beyond and Provide Tips:

Ask your hotel contact for recommended transportation services and restaurants, so you are prepared to provide recommendations if anyone asks.