It is important to maintain good relationships with the individuals that represent the venue spaces that you seek to work with. Whether it is a hotel, a casino, etc., it is nice to build and maintain good relationships with people. You can mutually help each other out, and have long term benefits. Below are just three short points that explain the value of maintaining good relationships with hotels and other venue contacts.

You Know Exactly Who to Contact

Save their information, and consider having it organized by state or city. That way, the next time you have to plan another event in the same city, you will know who to contact directly without having to call around from one person to another trying to figure out who to speak with. It can be as easy as just a click if you have their email handy. It’s always a pleasure to go back to someone you know especially when you’ve had a good experience working with them.

Save Time on Future Booking

If it is a similar program or event, your repeat hotel contact will have your information and requests saved in their system. If you are particular about having specific clauses and details on your contract and event orders, then returning to work with your past contacts can increase your chances of having them added. You will be more likely to get everything done correctly and to your liking much more quickly than a new contact who you’ve never worked with before. That is a benefit of working with someone again, they are more likely to remember what you like and dislike.


Due to the repeat business and benefit of well-developed relationships, your hotel contacts may be more inclined to throw in a few perks as a sign of appreciation. You may find yourself being provided with additional discounts, and more concessions for your event. Sometimes they may even be able to honor previous rates if some of their prices have increased.